Tired of official texture ?
Want to play with different season ?
Dream of build things on a GB Zelda like universe ?

Just try Minecraft Texture Switcher !

Totally safe because it doesn't use your account, but your
temporary files (just flush them if any problem append).
Easy to use just select a skin, and run Minecraft !
No need to be registered ! Cool isn't it ?
Free Why pay the program if it's works on the free
version of Minecraft ? ;)

This is a realy simple program, just click on a name, and textures are switched ;)

You can get the last version here
or here
Just unzip it somewhere in your Hard Drive, and run it.
Run Mincraft AFTER texture switching !

3D preview of the caracter ...

... and of all the blocs

NES world (Come with the program)

Zelda DX like (Come with the program)

In survival too !

Hey, what append here?

Next functions to be implanted :
* Terrain texture editor
-- Change texture of stairs
-- Create texture from piece of images (maybe ?)
* Character texture editor
-- Select some closes and add them to the char
-- Create the face from a picture (maybe ?)
* Program
-- Download skins form a server (maybe ?)
* Map editor ( ??? )
-- Resize map
-- Iso render of maps (some tests already done ;D )