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Ce site est une pyramide de ponzy ! Les comptes gratuits attendent longtemps, se décident à payer pour recevoir leur argent, mais il ne sert qu'à payer ceux plus haut dans la pyramide !
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CryptoKnight614 on Reddit says : While it would be convenient if they automatically increased the benchmarked hashrate according to your card, each card is different which would make doing this accurately very "impossible". There are different models: Usually the higher the number the better the card, and the first one or two digits signifies the generation. NVidia: GTX: 1080 Ti/1080/1070Ti/1070/1060 6GB/1060 3GB/1050Ti/1050/1030 GTX: 1660Ti/1660/1650 RTX: 2080 Ti/2080/2070/2060 (also most laptops use a half backed version of these cards which are the Max-Q models) AMD: Radeon VII VEGA: 56/64 RX: 460/470/480/560/570/580/590 Then there are different manufacturers: ASUS/Gigabyte/XFX/PowerColor/Saphire/AMD(frontier)/Nvidia(founders)/MSI/EVGA/Zotac/PNY There are different cooling styles: None/Passive(heatsink without fan)/Open Air/Blower/Mineral Oil Immersion/Water Cooled/Liquid Nitrogen Cooled There are different manufacturers of the VRAM: Micron/Samsung(best)/Hynix Then there are dye defects that effect the speed and functionality of the GPU: Did you know that VEGA 56s are just reject VEGA 64 dyes? As semiconductors are getting smaller and smaller the amount of rejected dyes that are too flawed to pass quality control is increasing. There are different BIOS' for AMD cards that can increase performance through changes in memory timings. There are power play tables for AMD cards that can give slight boosts There is a program that increases the performance Of Nvidia cards with GDDR5X memory by changing the memory timings (EthlargmentPill) People have different overclock settings and thresholds for their core/memory clocks and power settings. This isn't even a comprehensive list of all the differences that there are, these are just the cards I've paid attention to. In conclusion it would be much easier to just re-bench it then for NiceHash to take into account all these variations. Plus any shares you find while benchmarking count towards your payout.